About Your USITC Award

Strategic Value

Today, small businesses and entrepreneurs are facing the challenges of an increasingly competitive local economy. While many businesses have taken on various initiatives to continue to grow, a select few have been able to benefit from the strategic value of business awards.

Sales Tool

Tabitha Stevens, owner of Boston based Stevens Tax Consulting, learned firsthand from a former manager that a business award can be an account executive ace-in-the-hole. "Used effectively, business awards are yet another sales tool to aid in the close of business," says Ms.Stevens.

Free Publicity

Travis Sorenson, General Manager of JR's Bar & Grill in Toronto, understands the value of award competitions. Mr.Sorenson says, "We believe it (business awards) helps validate what we do at our establishment and enhances our ability to keep good people." PR might be difficult to measure on the bottom line but it is invaluable.